Why I’m a feminist (and you should be, too)

Ok. Here we go. The big question. Why, out of all the causes out there, would I choose this one to blog about? There are no shortage of mantles do don. Especially as a Latter Day Saint (aka Mormon). In fact, more than a few of my fellow Saints would probably tell me that other causes would probably align with my belief system better.

After all, aren’t feminists trying to elbow their way into the workplace instead of staying home to raise children?

Aren’t feminists promoting sexual liberation, and in turn, promiscuity?

Aren’t feminists calling for equal status as men in all aspects of society, law, culture and politics?

Didn’t the LDS church just excommunicate a feminist???

That’s a lot to consider.

This blog isn’t  about Mormonism. I have another blog for that. I will only touch on this topic briefly for context.

What is the stated mission of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints? To emulate Christ. What is the single defining Christ-like Attribute? Charity; defined as pure love. Ultimate compassion. Endless patience. Complete forgiveness.

Many will say that their experiences inside the church or their contact with its members or even church policy itself aren’t conducive to that stated mission. I understand how their experiences may have led them to that conclusion. I’m not going to tell anyone they are wrong. Doing so would not be expressing that universal charity that I’m trying so hard to achieve. I can only speak to my experience with the LDS church, which has been overwhelmingly positive.

Back to feminism…

Over the last couple years I’ve been acutely aware of how much of popular culture, politics, and perhaps religion is either catered to males and/or controlled by males. Why should I complain about that?

What’s wrong with watching an action hero, brawny or relatable, kicking ass with Megan Fox on his hip?

Why should I care about local and federal legislation regarding birth control for women I will never meet?

Why should I care about a patriarchal religious structure, when I personally am not limited by it?

Through most of my life I have never questioned any of our structures. Things were the way they were and that was fine by me because I was well served. But as I sought to be more compassionate and charitable towards those around me I realized I couldn’t do so without understanding them. Empathy is a stepping stone to charity.

What are the impediments to charity?

Ignorance, discrimination and hate.

We discriminate, fear, fail to tolerate, and hate when we’re ignorant.

So I’m bursting out of the privileged man-bubble on a journey of knowledge and understanding. And to stamp out discrimination, be it due to race, age, sex, body type, beauty level, religion, wealthiness, sexual preference, bad body odor and anything else I can think of, I’m starting with the largest target of discrimination: namely HALF the world; women. And I believe the feminist cause is the greatest secular movement to achieve this goal.

It’s just incredible to me that in this day and age, HALF THE WORLD is still discriminated against in a MYRIAD of ways, based solely on their sex.  And I, as self-aware as I try to be, STILL do it all the time.

Just last year a co-worker was telling me about getting his wife’s computer replaced and I immediately assumed that she wouldn’t need a high powered machine. Turns out she did as much programming and high intensity gaming as she did. I had assumed a woman wouldn’t be doing as much process intensive computing as her husband, based solely on her sex. That bit of discrimination had little or no consequence, but it’s an example of how assumptions led to conclusions that were improper and incorrect.

That’s one of thousands of examples! So this blog is just as much about my self-discovery as it is my soapbox.

So stay tuned for more thoughts on discrimination, popular media, and anything else that I feel relevant and interesting. And no, I’m not done with the Mormon/feminism clash.

Stay tuned…


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